Software Projects


Sandplot is an answer to a versatile, powerful plotting package for Mac OS X at a reasonable price. GoToTheBoard supplied a number of features for Sandplot, having experience in plotting packages within Objective-C, C++ and C (which is what SandPlot was written in).

GPU Malware

Delivered at REcon (in Montreal at 2012) we delivered a series of algorithms, write-ups and examples regarding GPU malware, both offensive and defensive tactics, for mobile devices. The highlights include understanding that due to the nature of the mobile architecture the shader code exercised on the GPU is not signed. This code, while limited in terms of generality, can be changed at will (it's just text and is compiled at runtime). Defensively, the added resources, and various capabilities of the GPU allow for in-place memory checking, encryption, decryption and a variety of other techniques.


iMathlab was a small experiment that grew into a true iOS application and was sold (sorry, can't say), back in 2011. Having used and added some plotting functionality to some NIST linear algebra packages (public domain), and we provided a wrapper to interact on a handheld device. Without much marketing we had a wonderful response and eventually sold the application. You can see more here.